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  • Our hotline advocates are available 24/7 to provide support and information to survivors. We believe you and we are here to listen. The hotline is also available to those who support survivors, including loved ones and service providers, who might seek emotional support and/or resources for themselves or the survivor they support.
  • Voices advocates are available to provide support and advocacy for survivors working through medical, housing, legal, and family processes.   Some examples of advocacy include: accompanying survivors to SANE exams, talking to survivors’ landlords or employers, supporting and accompanying survivors during legal processes.
  • We know that people and institutions aren’t always understanding, and we are here to support you through your process.
  • Call our hotline to talk to an advocate.

Message Us On Social Media

  • If phone calls are unsafe for you, sending us an email or private message through social media is always an option.
  • We monitor our email, Facebook, and Instagram messages Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.
  • If you do plan to use social media or email to reach us, consider whether your device is safe (is it being monitored or could there be spyware installed?) and consider making a tech safety plan so that your messages are more secure. 
  • For immediate, 24/7 support, call our hotline. 
  • If, for safety reasons, you cannot contact us safely using social media or email:
    • If you are experiencing dating or domestic violence, you can go to to chat online or text “LOVEIS” to 22522.
    • If you are experiencing sexual violence, you can go to to chat online.
    • If you are experiencing human trafficking, you can go to


      • Our confidential shelter is open to all survivors fleeing violence, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, language, or ability. Laurie’s House provides temporary emergency shelter, as well as daily support, safety planning, systems advocacy, resources, and more.


      • Our Transitional Housing Coordinator works with survivors to find long-term housing options that work for them. This can include one of Voices’ transitional housing apartments, with supportive services, where survivors can live for up to 2 years.
      • We can also provide support and advocacy to survivors working in housing systems, and refer survivors to helpful housing resources.


      • All of our advocates can offer support through the Relief from Abuse Order (restraining order) process, divorce and custody proceedings, and criminal court proceedings when domestic and sexual violence or stalking is involved. Our Legal Services Coordinator also attends court proceedings and supports survivors working within the criminal justice system.


      • Voices recognize that children are vulnerable to the effects of domestic and sexual violence, and they have their own specific needs for support, safety, and healing. Our Family Services Coordinator can work with children or with their caregivers to help them understand the emotions and behaviors of children and how to respond effectively.
      • Our advocates can also provide support and advocacy to survivors around school systems, the Department of Children and Families, and more.
      • We understand that the abusive partner may play a major role in the family’s life and we are available to help everyone, regardless of their situation.


    • We believe that prevention and education in our community is an important part of ending violence. Our Education and Outreach Coordinator can provide training, workshops, and education to students, educators, community agencies, businesses, and more.

Supervised Visitation

      • All About Kids, our supervised visitation and monitored exchange center, provides safety and support for children and parents during visits and exchanges.  The Center provides a safe, neutral and child-friendly environment where parents can re-establish or maintain quality contact with their children. Click here for more information

Offering Support

      • Seeing a loved one experience violence can be very difficult – our advocates are available 24/7 to help you offer support. For more tips on how to offer support to someone experiencing violence, click here

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