Children & Youth Services

Voices Against Violence/Laurie’s House recognizes that children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of domestic and sexual violence and have their own specific needs for support, safety, and healing. Advocates may work with children directly or with their caregivers to help them understand the emotions and behaviors of children and how to respond effectively.

Living with an abusive partner can affect a woman’s ability to parent.  Her authority may be undermined, or the abuser may use the children as a weapon against her. Parenting children who have experienced sexual or domestic violence can be challenging, so we offer information and support around healing those relationships.

We understand that the abusive partner may play a major role in the family’s life and we are available to help everyone, regardless of their situation.

We also provide advocacy within the agencies in our area. We work closely with the Department of Children and Families, Economic Services, day-care providers, family and criminal courts, and local law enforcement to help them understand how domestic and sexual violence impacts the lives of the people they are serving.

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