Voices’ operates according to the principles of survivor-defined advocacy, which begins with an understanding of the needs, resources, perspectives and culture of each victim. As part of that process, Voices builds a working relationship or partnership in which the victim’s perspective and our information, resources, and assistance are combined to enhance the victim’s safety strategies. We focus our advocacy efforts on participating in an active information- and resource-sharing process that creates and improves options for each victim.

Legal Advocacy

We offer support and advocacy through the Relief from Abuse Order process, divorce and custody proceedings, and criminal court proceedings when domestic and sexual violence or stalking is involved.

Medical Advocacy

Voices staff and volunteers meet victims at the hospital to offer support when receiving medical attention following an act of sexual or domestic violence.

Economic and Community Advocacy

Voices offers up-to-date information to assist women in finding resources for financial, employment, housing and other needs.

System’s Advocacy

We work in collaboration with area partners through the Franklin Grand Isle to strengthen our community’s coordinated response to domestic and sexual violence.

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